Hello Mavericks,

The moment everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived… we can unveil our schedule and season plan!

1) Schedule and Pool Spaces

Our schedule is designed to account for COVID-19 limitations. Even with limitations we are able to deliver a robust program that has increased the quality of pool space for our athletes.

Please note a couple of important factors:

– Our schedule currently reflects your practice times. They are mostly water times, but there are also some dryland hours incorporated in the schedule.
– Our older groups have one (1) practice per week in Markham. This is to deliver earlier and higher quality pool space.
– Keele Public School (and all TDSB Pools) have yet to announce if they will open. They are currently OFFLINE. IF they do open, we will strategically add those pool spaces for some of our groups.
– There are currently no sports events being held at the Olympium. IF events come back online we may have some variance to our weekend schedule.
– Our female athletes will be split into two groups (Black or Red) based on their developmental level. When registering right now, simply put your age category.
– We have capacity limits in every pool. Which in turn means… we have capacity limits in each of our training groups. Register early so you don’t lose your spot!

2021-22 Practice Schedule

2) Competition Update

Between the months of September and December there are the following scheduled events (please note that events are obviously subject to COVID related changes)

– ‘Open’ National Championships for athletes born in 2002 and later (December 16-17-18-19 in Markham, ON)
– ‘Open’ National Championships for athletes born in 2006 and later (December 2-3-4-5 in Calgary, AB)
– Inter club games
– Regional Invitational events for various age groups (TBD)

In January 2022 we expect the National Championship League, Ontario Provincial League, and 11U Game Days to resume:

– Senior National Championship League (born in 2003 and older)
– 17U National Championship League (born in 2005 and younger)
– 15U Provincial Championship League and Provincial Championship (born in 2007 and younger)
– 13U Provincial Championship League and Provincial Championship (born in 2009 and younger)
– 11U Regional League Days and Provincial Championship (born in 2011 and younger)

3) Fee Structure 2021-22

This season we faced an unprecedented uphill battle: setting fees when we couldn’t reasonably predict our fall enrolment. We also wanted to mitigate financial risk for our families in the event of another shutdown (hopefully unlikely!).

Please note that we estimated our membership when setting fees for the year as best as we could with the information we have. This means we have divided our overall costs over a membership estimate. Once registration is completed for September, the variable fees for the second portion of the season will be adjusted to reflect our actual membership numbers, including an adjustment if we have overcharged for the first portion of the year.
Also, any credits that families have on their accounts will carry forward to this season.

Similar to last season we have separated registration into 5 different costs/ categories:
a) OWP/WPC Affiliation Fees: this is paid to the associations, and includes insurance. Please note that you will pay this directly to the National and Provincial associations through the new RAMP platform. We have currently chosen the lowest priced affiliation for you based on the fact that there are no official events yet. We will guide you if an event/ tournament requires you to upgrade to a higher level of affiliation.

b) Fixed Club Costs: These are our fixed operational expenses for the year. These fees are non refundable.

c) Variable Club Costs: Pool time and coaching costs have largely been broken down until December 31st, 2021. As a club, we are committed to a transparent process by adjusting the January- June variable fees for members who signed up at the beginning of the season if we have larger membership enrolment than we based our fees on.

d) Tournament Costs: When events are back, we will present the associated costs and collection process. This account strictly covers what you will participate in.

e) Volunteer Deposits: Due to the unknown nature of events, we will not charge a volunteer deposit this season.

2020-21 Fee Structure

4) Registration Process/ Reserve A Spot!

Step 1 (Immediate)

Review the schedule and fee structure for the 2020-21 season and ask any questions you may have.

Step 2 (Please do this by September 10th)

Register online through the Mavericks website (maverickswaterpolo.ca/register) with your respective group to express your desire to participate this year. Many of you have already registered— you don’t need to do it again!

Step 3 (By September 12th or earlier)

We will assess each groups requests for membership and confirm your registration ASAP. Due to facility capacity restrictions, we have limited group sizes (see above). Our goal is to offer programming to everyone, however we cannot confirm acceptance until we receive the requests for each group.

Step 4: (Week of September 13th)

You will be directed to the new RAMP online platform to register with OWP/WPC and make payments to the club. People who reserved their spots will be given until September 16th to lock in their spot. After that, anyone on a waitlist will be able to register.

Step 5: (Week of September 13th)

Once groups are established we will have group meetings via Zoom to outline the season and answer any training related questions you may have.

5) Vaccination Position of the Mavericks

The Mavericks Water Polo Club adhere to all facility, City, and Provincial guidelines in order to operate as an organization. This is in addition to any regulations that Water Polo Canada has in relation to affiliation and competition. All vaccination requirements and procedures will follow over the next 12 days once we have received all the information from our governing bodies.

We encourage you to reach out with any questions you have!

[email protected]