Minor Officials Program

The Mavericks host about 250 games each year.

A well-trained team of minor officials for timekeeping, secretarial, penalty tracking and other duties is required for every game. While typically a volunteer position, the Mavericks are now offering compensation for properly trained minor officials with an excellent understanding of water polo game play and rules.

It is our expectation that experienced players will fill these minor official positions. Parents and younger players are also welcome to apply as long as they can show the game understanding required.

Why we love this.

We have been twisting arms to get people to ‘volunteer’ for minor officials positions for years and we appreciate every minute of time our players and parents have put in. But with about 1000 hours of minor official positions to fill, we had to rethink our approach. Compensating those committing the time to help our games and tournaments run smoothly is only fair.

AND… Mavericks athletes work hard at school, then come to train 4-6 days a week. When not at the pool, there’s often home work to be done and depending on the age group(s) they participate in, they can be off playing games and tournaments two or three times per month. So, in their busy lives, there is very little time for most of them to even think about having a job. This opportunity allows our athletes the chance enjoy the satisfaction of taking on some responsibility and earning a few dollars in return!

What about Volunteering?

For parents or athletes who would like to use minor officiating as way to ‘earn back’ their volunteer deposit, this is completely ok. The only differences are that training and game understanding is required and we will pay you in dollars right after a tournament rather than award you credits that get paid back at the end of the season.

For parents looking for other volunteer opportunities that don’t require as much game understanding, please contact us to discuss our current needs.

Go to Minor-O School

We have prepared a detailed series of videos that explain each of the minor officials’ jobs. Anyone interested in participating must watch all 5 videos. Additionally we offer occasional clinics to get hands on experience!

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