Swim and Play Ball is designed for children aged ~6-11 years old who want to develop confidence and strength in the water through FUN GAMES, DRILLS, and TEAM PLAY.

Kids age ~6-11 who have taken some swimming lessons and are comfortable in the water alone. The minimum requirement is for participants to swim 15 metres unassisted and be able to support themselves in deep water for 30 seconds.


Swim and Play Ball participants will be assessed at their first session and placed in one of three levels. They’ll engage in a vigorous workout while strengthening their aquatic skills through our game based approach.

~ 1x 45min practice per week   •  Sessional program   • Multiple locations offered



We’re asking all interested participants to register and reserve your spot RISK FREE at their location(s) of choice. No payment is required until the program starts! 

(Please note that due to COVID-19 our exact pool locations/ dates/ times/ fees may be subject to change. We are committed to keeping you updated as more information becomes available.)