Club Handbook

(This information is accurate at time of posting and may change without notice.)

The Mavericks Club Handbook is a guide to club operations, management, policies and expectations. The purpose of the handbook is to provide parents and players with a complete package of information about the club and its operations and policies. It is intended to be a quick guide to the important aspects of the club.



The Mavericks Water Polo Club is a not-for-profit, membership-based organization. The club is registered under the Ontario Business Corporations Act and has adopted by-laws governing the affairs of the corporation. A copy of the by-laws is available to all members upon request.

The Board of Directors that manage, along with the head coach, the long-term strategy and day-to-day business of the club is elected at the club’s AGM. A board member is elected to a 3-year term with approximately 3 positions available each year.

The Mavericks and its coaches make every effort to provide a fun, safe, and healthy environment for our members. We have a number of policies and principles that we enforce that are outlined in this section. parents and athletes should familiarize themselves with the information that follows.



All players must read and agree to adhere to the code of conduct.

Note: No code of conduct can cover every possible point. We ask for common sense, consideration, cooperation and a healthy, team-first approach.

In general terms, what we ask is very simple:

  • obey the law (vaping, smoking, drugs, alcohol, violence, bullying are all against the law)
  • obey team rules (curfews, language, changeroom behaviour, etc.)
  • obey the rules of the game
  • always show respect… always
  • maintain a ‘team-first’ perspective
  1. At practice, in change rooms, at tournaments, in hotels and anytime you participate in a club sponsored or supported event, you are acting as an ambassador of the club and must behave in a manner that reflects positively on the club as a whole.
  1. Respect is the foundation for a healthy attitude towards sport. Please, at all times, show respect for:
  • Your coaches
  • Your teammates
  • Your opponents
  • Parents, fans and spectators
  • Other people using facilities, change rooms etc.
  • Officials, chaperones and volunteers on team trips
  1. For the safety of all, at no time are you to leave a practice facility, game site, hotel room or any team function without first notifying (and receiving permission from) the people in charge (coach, parent, chaperone, driver etc.).
  1. Curfew: On trips, strict adherence to announced curfew is mandatory.
  1. The following are not allowed under any circumstances:
  • Bringing alcohol to any team gathering (practice, tournament, trip etc)
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Vaping
  • Bullying
  • Use of recreational or performance-related drugs

Underage drinking, smoking, vaping and drug use are ALL illegal. There is no place for any of this at any club event. Your cooperation is not only appreciated, it’s expected.

The code of conduct is pretty simple and, we think, pretty obvious. Yet, every year, multiple athletes break the code usually for selfish, silly, and immature reasons.

Prior to every travel event, athletes will be asked to read and sign the code of conduct as a reminder of expectations.

We ask parents to please discuss with their athletes, the appropriate behaviour in the pool, in the changeroom, at tournaments, in hotels and at all club activities.

We handle every breach of the code of conduct individually – there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Consequences for breaching the code of conduct may include (but are not limited to):

  • a conversation with coach(es) and assurance from athlete behaviour won’t be repeated
  • athletes lose playing time and/or miss games
  • athlete sent home from tournament at their family’s expense
  • athlete suspended from all club activity for a period of time
  • athlete expelled from the club for life


We hope you’ll take the Parents’ Code of Conduct in the spirit it is offered. We are trying to create a positive, welcoming environment for our athletes and teams. We ask parents to contribute in a number of ways:

Please, no coaching from the stands. Not during practice, not during games. Just don’t.

The Mavericks encourage a non-smoking environment and ask that, if you smoke, to please do so away from athletes and team gatherings.

Though rare, there have been some unfortunate incidents in the stands at games. We request that all fans take only a positive approach to cheering when enjoying a game from the stands. Please try to keep a friendly/polite spirit when attending matches no matter what another individual or team may do.

Please don’t over-cheer for lopsided scores (when we’re up) or get too despondent (when we’re down). Lopsided matches are a part of sport. Move on to the next game.


Refs have a tough job and we count on them to make our competitions possible. Please remember there will be different levels of refereeing experience just as we have different levels of playing experience. BUT every ref is trying to ensure a safe, fair environment for all players. 

Please refrain from Booing or taunting the refs. It does not help, and our coaches don’t want refs being attacked from the stands as it only results in playing a game with a hostile referee. Our coaches have the experience to know when they want to question a ref’s calls. Please leave it to them. 



If you find yourself in disagreement about something to do with your athlete and the club, whether it’s playing time, practice format or whatever, please take a moment to think it through before approaching your coach. A thoughtful, respectful demeanor is appreciated at all times.

  1. Athletes: Players should always feel that their coach is available to discuss any issue with them.
    At any time that is not disruptive to a game or practice, an athlete may approach his or her coach to discuss topics such as skills, tactics, coaching, practice, game or tournament situations, difficulties they may be having, bullying, etc. The coach may address the question immediately or ask that they resume the conversation at more appropriate time.
  2. Parents: An athlete’s parents may request a meeting with a coach to discuss their athlete’s play, progress etc. Coaches will make every effort to schedule the meeting as soon as possible upon receiving the request. Please don’t approach coaches during practices or tournaments when their attention will be on athletes and games. Issues that arise during tournaments can be discussed before or after a practice in the following week. Obviously, exceptions will be made in emergency situations.
Explanation of Fees

Club Fees: Coaching, pool, team equipment (nets, balls, etc.) and administration costs for the current season running approximately nine months from mid-September to mid-June.

(OWP/WPC Registration: Ontario Water Polo and Water Polo Canada registration fees are combined and paid directly through the RAMP registration system. Affiliation upgrades are handled through the system.

Tournament Account: For non-league play at some levels, we collect a tournament account deposit to pay for tournament and game play throughout the year. This amount is an ESTIMATE on what an individual’s share of entry fees and team expenses will be. None of this money goes to the Mavericks, we do not mark anything up and we make every effort to keep this total as low as possible. If our estimate is perfect (it won’t be) there will be neither a refund nor a balance owing. If we underestimate, we may have to approach you for additional payment. If we over-estimate, you will receive a refund at the end of the competitive season.

Volunteer Deposit: Members are required to make a deposit of $200 or $250, depending on their level. There is only one Volunteer Deposit required per family even if more than one family member joins the club. (Postponed for 2021-22 season)

Payment: All payments are handled through the RAMP system, or through e-transfer.


Payment Schedule:

Please refer to the RAMP system for payment schedules and requirements for each program


Should you decide to leave the club part way through the season, you may be entitled to a partial refund. Any player resigning from the club must deliver written notice to the Executive Head Coach and the registrar. Refund calculations will be made from the date of receipt of that notification.

NOTE: Ontario Water Polo/ Water Polo Canada fees are paid directly to the association by the individual at the time of registration in the RAMP system. These fees are not refundable.

Club fees are refundable based on the following timetable:

  • September 1 through September 30 of registration year: Total Mavericks Fee x 80%
  • Up until November 16th: Total Mavericks Fee x 60%
  • Up until January 16th: Total Mavericks Fee x 40%
  • Up until February 16th: Total Mavericks Fee x 20%
  • February 17th onwards: NO REFUND


1) ‘Registration year’ runs from ~September 1st through June 30th.

2) If you received any ‘DISCOUNTED MEMBERSHIP’, that discount was offered contingent on a full year’s participation — you forfeit that discount by withdrawing from the club and any refund will be calculated accordingly (ie. If you received a $100 membership discount, that $100 will be deducted from any refund that may be payable.)

3) Any outstanding amounts will remain on your club account until they are paid. Failure to pay will stop you from being able to register for any other programs (including with another club).


At this time, we do not organize any regular fundraising events as the time and effort required is rarely an attractive trade off.


Sponsorships. We urge anyone with sponsorship connections to please contact any board member and we can help provide assistance (if required) in crafting an approach to any potential sponsor.

The Mavericks Water Polo Club will gladly accept financial corporate sponsorships and gifts in kind to help fund our programs and run our club. In return for their generosity, corporate donors may be acknowledged with.

All corporate sponsors must be approved by the Mavericks Board.

Charitable Donations. Some members and individuals generously donate to the club. We gratefully accept donations to the Mavericks. As we do not have charitable status it is recommended donations are made through Water Polo Canada. Please contact the board of directors for full instructions.

Please note that charitable donations may not under any circumstances be designated to support an individual player. They may be directed toward the club as a whole; or to support an NCL team; or designated to support members experiencing financial hardship. 


Appendix A



An invitation to a tournament is NOT a guarantee of playing time. Coaches make all decisions on who is invited to tournaments, who plays during games and how much.

The coaches take into account the player’s ability (skill level, fitness level, tactical understanding), game situation, tournament (or game) level, player’s practice record, and their ability/willingness to follow a game plan, among other considerations.

Because of the club’s competitive focus, it is not required that playing time in a game or tournament be evenly distributed. Our coaches are aware that players need competitive playing time to improve and, as possible, they will look for appropriate game situations to ensure all players receive opportunities.

It is very important for players to understand that the place to earn playing time is in practice, and it takes commitment and hard work. As a player, it is always fair to ask a coach: “What can I do to improve to the point that I will be called on to play more?”

Key Points:
  1. Player selection to a tournament is the sole responsibility of the coach.
  2. Player rotation is the sole responsibility of the coach.
  3. Game playing time will rarely be equitable.
  4. Supporting the coach’s decisions is requested from both players and parents.

Tobacco Free & Vaping Policy


Date: March 15, 2015

The club is committed to a prompt and fair resolution to all disputes that may arise between the Club, Members, Volunteers, Contractors and Employees, which may include disciplinary measures.

Dispute Resolution:

Members who have concerns with the Club, Members, Volunteers, Contractors or Employees, that cannot be resolved directly in a frank and respectful way, are encouraged to discuss the matter with their Lead/Coach (1).

If an issue cannot be resolved with the Lead/Coach for any reason, then it may be escalated to the Head Coach (2).

If the Head Coach cannot resolve, then the issue may be directed, in writing, to the Club President (3).

If the issue remains unresolved, the President will form an Investigation Committee (4) and will appoint a Chair (4a). The Chair of the Investigation Committee shall review the concern, as per the written complaint, and discuss the matter with the complainant.

If the Investigation Committee concludes that a complaint does not raise an issue of misconduct, the Chair will advise the Complainant and the President that the complaint is dismissed (5a).

If the Chair decides the complaint is valid, the Investigation Committee shall initiate further investigation (6) into the matter, which may include engaging other parties, including but not limited to, the person(s) about whom the complaint was made. Upon completion of the investigation, the Committee shall make a written report to the President advising of status and/or further steps recommended.

Depending on the nature and of the matter, magnitude of findings, and a potential risk involved, a Hearing Committee (7) may be appointed by the President, with an objective to allow involved parties to be heard in person. A hearing may include examination, cross-examination, and re-examination of all involved parties and witnesses.

Each party reserves the right to be represented by a legal representative – at their own expense.

Hearings will be closed for the public. All parties will be informed about the date of the hearing, allowing sufficient time to plan, or eventually reschedule, the hearing.


Where the Hearing committee finds a person guilty of misconduct, it may make one or more of the following orders, in writing:

  • That the person(s) be expelled from the organization
  • That the person(s) be suspended from the organization for a specified period
  • That the person(s) be suspended pending the satisfaction and completion of any conditions specified
  • That the respondent may participate only under conditions specified
  • Any other order that the hearing committee considers just

In making an order, the Hearing Committee shall take into consideration:

  • The age, experience and maturity of the person(s)
  • The nature of the misconduct
  • Previous precedent
  • Any information which, in the opinion of the committee is reliable and relevant to the
  • determination of an appropriate order, including:
    • previous misconduct of the respondent, regardless of whether or not that misconduct was the subject of discipline
    • the character of the respondent
  • Where the Chair of the Hearing Committee believes that the person(s) whose conduct is being investigated may be guilty of a criminal offence, that person may refer the matter to an appropriate authority.
  • The parties may appeal the decision of the Hearing Committee to the Board. The decision of the board is final.
Appendix B